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Toyota Vellfire Rental
"Elevate Your Travel Experience"

Renting a Toyota Vellfire is a great choice for many different situations. One big advantage is that it's cheaper than buying one outright because you don't have to pay a bunch of upfront costs like down payments, taxes, and insurance. Renting also lets you choose the specific vehicle you need for the time you need it - whether it's for a family trip or business travel. Plus, renting means you don't have to worry about maintenance or repairs because we takes care of it all. Additionally, renting a Vellfire allows one to experience different variants and enjoy the latest features. With its fancy design, modern technology, and comfy interior, our Toyota Vellfire rental package promises a fun and stress-free journey for anyone who wants a fancy ride.



How much does it cost to rent a Toyota Vellfire?

Our Vellfire rental cost is vary depend on the total rental days. The rate vary between RM350/day up to RM1,000/day.

Can I rent a Toyota Vellfire for a one-way trip to a different city?

Yes, we do have an intercity drop-off service. You may conveniently drop your Vellfire at different city. Minimum rental days policy applied for intercity drop-off request.

What is the fuel policy for the rented Toyota Vellfire?

All our fuel policy is same-to-same. Where our minimum provided petrol would be either half tank or quater tank.

Can I request a specific color or model of the Toyota Vellfire when renting?

You may request but we'll only provided you with specific requested colorĀ upon availability of that particular unit.

Can I rent a Toyota Vellfire for a specific duration, such as a day or a week?

Our minimum rental for Toyota Vellfire is 2 days. Apart from that, we have the weekly and monthly package as well.


5 Doors


7 Seats


4 Lugages


Toyota Vellfire Rental Package. Drive One Today.

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*Disclaimer : Final actual product may vary in term of colour, model spec and accessories.